Gait Patterns (2024)

Gait is the technical word to describethe way your foot makes contact with the ground, from the heel strike to the toe off. It's one aspect Danform Shoes evaluatesto help customers findthe bestrunning and walking shoes.

Gait Patterns (1)

A normal gait involves "supination," rolling to the outside of the foot, and "pronation," rolling to the inside of the foot. Ifyour foot rollsexcessivelyto one side or the other, you may "oversupinate" or "overpronate." In general, low arches tend to roll in and high arches tend to roll out. These conditions may require special athletic shoes, or evenorthotics, to correct and guide the foot to a healthy, neutral pattern.

Running Shoe Science

Gait Patterns (2)

If you're confused - you're not alone! Our Fit Expertswork with customers everyday who need help matching their gait to the correct footwear. Some come with a prescription from a physical therapist, others discover their tendency while being fit in our stores.

TheDanform Differenceis all about educating our customers, empowering them with knowledge to select healthy footwear for lifelong wellness.

3 Categories of Running Shoes

There are three shoe structures to accommodate different foot types: Neutral, Stability and Motion Control.

Gait Patterns (3)

Neutral running shoesretain a consistent density of cushion throughout the mid-sole and are recommended for people with a naturally "correct" gait pattern who do not require a stability shoe. Typically, we see customers with moderate to high arches that roll out, or "supinate" are well suited to neutral styles like theOn Running Cloud X.

Gait Patterns (4)

Stability running shoesprovide a denser medial midsole, known as "posting." Posting is a deep cradle in the form of guardrails that encourage the foot that rolls in (pronates) to roll out upon heel strike, into a healthier gait. We typically find customers with low arches, or moderate lateral movement, need stability shoes. TheSaucony Guide14, shown here, provides a lively feel for stability seeking runners.

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Motion Control shoes, like theBrooks Addiction, provide a broad, firm platform thoughout the mid-foot to maximum torsional support. Motion control tends to be worn by those who need a steady, solid foundation throughout a workday.

Yourcommitment to fitness begins with the perfect fit! Stop in to see your Fit Experts at ourShelburne, Colchester and St. Albans locationsto get started on the right foot. The left will surely follow!

Gait Patterns (2024)
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