Gait Analysis Explained (2024)

Let our expert staff help put you in the right running shoes...

Gait Analysisis a service we provide atall Runners Need storesto help determine the best shoe for you. An expert Gait Analysis appointment isfreewith the purchase of running footwear in-store or online within 30 days - otherwise, this service costs £15.

To help start the gait analysis process with you, we will first talk to you about your current running style, any future running goals, events, or aspirations you have planned, and any previous injuries that may affect how you run.

An in-store Gait Analysis appointment takes around30 minutes and will require you to run a steady pace for around one minute in a neutral shoe chosen by our experts. We advise booking a slot in advance, which you can dohere.

To begin with, we will place you in a neutral shoe and get you running on our treadmill for around 20-30 seconds to let us record your running style. This will allow us to look at how your feet are landing, where they are landing, and for any misalignments biomechanically within your ankles or knees.

Once we have finished recording your run, we will show you a frame-by-frame replay while explaining key points about your running style. By looking at how you run on the treadmill and using what you have previously told us about your current running technique and any future running goals, events, or aspirations you have planned, we can understand what type of shoe will best suit your run.

At Runners Need, we stock a wide range of road, race, and trail runningshoesto ensure there's something for everyone in store. From minimal, quick shoes for racing to super supportive, cushioned shoes for daily runs on the tarmac, we have a wide selection of brands, includingmen's and women's Nike trainers.

Using the data from your gait test and preferences, we will pull a few shoes from our extensive range that we believe will best suit you and your goals for you to try and experience. Comfort and support are key for the mileage you're planning to run. Depending on your running style, stability elements in a shoe may help control the movement inwards at the ankles. It's why it's great to come and experience these shoes in-store to help find the perfect shoe for you and your running goals.

Step into innovation with our 3D Foot Scan service, available when you book a Gait Analysis appointment at select stores.

Our 3D Foot Scanning service uses cutting-edge technology powered by Volumental to create a detailed 3D model of your feet. After stepping on the scanner, our 3D Foot Scanner gathers precise measurements in seconds, giving insight into your unique foot shape and size. This data helps our experts identify the perfect shoes to match your unique profile, ensuring your new footwear is comfortable from the get-go - so you can confidently chase your running goals.

Pronation refers to how your foot rolls inwards as it strikes the floor while moving. Your pronation is your body’s way of distributing impact as you move and is a natural part of your gait cycle. Understanding your pronation is vital to selecting the correct type of running shoe for you and your run and can ultimately help you avoid injury.

There are three pronation types:

If you're unable to come in-store for a Gait Analysis appointment, the "Wet Foot Test" can give you a rough estimate of your pronation type. The Wet Foot Test can be helpful if you're concerned your gait may have changed since your last assessment, but it is important to stress this should only serve as a guide. For a true gait analysis and specialist advice on the right shoe for you, please schedule a Gait analysis appointment at yourlocal Runners Need store.

To perform the Wet Foot Test, simply wet the sole of your foot, step onto a piece of heavy-duty paper – or a dark tile or paving slab – and examine the footprint you leave behind.

The degree to which the sole of your foot is visible in the footprint can help indicate your arch type and the kind of shoe that might suit you best.

Gait Analysis Explained (2024)
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