WalkingPad Review: The C2 Mini Foldable Treadmill (2024)

As a New Yorker, I’m used to walking thousands of steps a day, running about town on errands or exploring new-to-me neighborhoods. But ever since I moved to a permanent work-from-home arrangement, I’ve noticed how easy it is to be sedentary when you’re tied to your desk—and your desk is in your living room. I’ve contemplated getting an under-desk treadmill, but that’s the other side of New York City living: limited storage. I’d resigned myself to the fact that at-home fitness equipment wasn’t in the cards for me, until I came across the WalkingPad C2 Mini Foldable treadmill.

The premise is in the name: This is a walking treadmill you can fold in half for easier storage. It’s a more compact item than many other products in the market, even when unfolded, making it an appealing choice for anyone with limited space. There’s no upright frame component or bar to hold onto. Instead, the C2 Mini consists only of a moving walkway that rises a few inches above the ground, although you can pair it with a standing desk or frame of your choice.

I was excited to try the C2 Mini and see if it could add some easy activity to my daily work-from-home routine. Here’s how I got on.

Unboxing and first impressions

When the C2 Mini walking pad arrived, the box looked large and heavy. I was able to drag it into my apartment and into the living room for unboxing, but I was concerned about the weight. If I was struggling this much when it was in a convenient box shape, how would I handle the unwrapped treadmill?

Fortunately, WalkingPad kept this in mind when designing the C2 Mini. With minimal components to set up, unboxing was a simple process. I followed the signs telling me which way to open the box and found a large piece of equipment, folded in half and encased in protective polystyrene. It looked to be in great condition and was packed together firmly enough that I could simply lift up the box and slide it over the top. As I carefully removed the polystyrene, I found the C2 Mini could stand on its side, so there wasn’t any concern about holding it upright.

I noticed the two yellow wheels at one end of the device. Genius! The only other items in the package were a power cord, remote control and battery, instruction packet, and an allen key. I flipped through the instruction packet and saw that they recommended lifting up one end of the WalkingPad C2 Mini to an angled height, before wheeling it to your preferred location. The wheels move forward and backward and are functional at various angles, so it was easy to find a comfortable grip. Soon I was breezing through my apartment, the weight of the C2 Mini no longer a concern.

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It took me less than five minutes to get the treadmill unfolded and plugged in. Unfolded, the C2 Mini takes up about the same space as my yoga mat, which was ideal. I took some time to read through the manual but the device is intuitive. The remote control is also automatically paired, so I had it working immediately. This seemed promising!

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WalkingPad C2 Mini pros and cons


  • Folds into a compact shape that can easily be stored under a bed or upright in a closet
  • Convenient wheels allow for easy transportation around the home
  • The remote control is immediately paired, so you can begin working out immediately
  • There’s a corresponding app with a Novice Guide program, to help beginners get comfortable
  • The front display is clear and shows important metrics, such as steps, distance, speed, and time
  • Two modes, Manual and Automatic, so you can be in full control of the speed or let the WalkingPad respond to your steps and location on the belt
  • Low profile allows it to easily slide under a desk or stand
  • Clear countdowns before the belt begins to move, which is a useful safety precaution
  • You’re required to walk 0.6 miles before you unlock the faster speeds (above 2.5 mph), which helps to prevent beginner accidents


  • Maximum speed is 3.72 mph/6 kmph. This is not fast enough for more than a brisk walk or very light jog
  • The display is at ground level, so more difficult to read than if it was raised on a bar
  • The Automatic mode is sensitive to foot placement, to the point where I accidentally turned the treadmill off entirely when I just wanted to slow down
  • Only holds up to 220 lbs and may be too short/narrow for longer legs or large feet
  • You can’t turn off the calorie counter on the display

WalkingPad C2 Mini price

The WalkingPad C2 Mini is available for purchase directly from WalkingPad’s official store for $599. It’s also at Dick’s Sporting Goods for the same price.

Most full-size treadmills that support advanced speeds, such as you’d find in a gym, retail for $1,500 to $5,000. The WalkingPad C2 Mini does not support running or speeds faster than 3.72 mph, so it won’t be a direct replacement for a professional gym treadmill. However, the much lower price means this is a more accessible product for the average person to own.

WalkingPad C2 Mini key specs

  • Motor: Brushless motor
  • Incline: No incline options
  • Walking area: 47.24 inches by 15.75 inches
  • Folding: Folds easily, nearly at the halfway point, lies fully flush together when folded
  • Folded dimensions: 32.48 inches long by 20.39 inches wide by 5.3 inches high
  • Top speed: 3.72 mph
  • Weight capacity: 220 lbs
  • Dimensions: 56.88 inches by 20.39 inches by 4.92 inches high
  • Built-in programs: Manual mode, Automatic mode
  • Accessories: Corresponding remote control and app available for download

WalkingPad C2 Mini: Is it for you?

The first thing to know about the C2 Mini Foldable Walking Treadmill is it’s not designed for running; it’s for walking. If you’re looking for a product that will support a high-impact workout with all the features you know and love from the big treadmills at your gym, the C2 Mini will disappoint. However, for a more casual level of activity, the C2 Mini provides a reliable, practical experience that can fit into many people’s routines.

The C2 Mini is designed to slide under a standing desk, which indicates the level of activity it supports: moderate to brisk walking, which you can do while working, reading, or watching TV. You can design a more intense workout and use the highest speed setting to raise your heart rate, which I did on occasion when I was feeling ambitious or restless. However, I mostly found myself using the C2 Mini for comfortable walks that wouldn’t distract me from another task at hand, whether that was work or a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” re-run.

The C2 Mini is convenient. It can be stored out of sight whenever you don’t need it, then wheels easily into position when you want to get moving. It unfolds quickly, is easy to use, and I appreciated how much it lowered the barrier to getting active. I found myself looking forward to getting a 30-minute walk in, to break up stints at my desk and to make watching trashy television feel less sedentary.

If you have the space and budget for a full-sized, full-powered treadmill, that may be a better purchase. However, for anyone looking for an easy way to add movement to your day, without having to devote a lot of space to fitness equipment, then I think the WalkingPad C2 Mini is a great choice. You can also explore other folding treadmills in our guide.

Is the WalkingPad treadmill worth it?

Fitness equipment is generally expensive—and walking outside is free. However, I think it’s important to consider the value of convenience and ease. The WalkingPad C2 Mini can be used in any weather conditions, it doesn’t require you to map out a route, and it can be used while you do other things. I found it much easier to hop on the walking pad for 30 minutes in the middle of the day than to leave my home and my desk for the same amount of time. Fresh air is valuable and I haven’t replaced going outside with my desk-side walks, but the C2 Mini does allow me to regularly incorporate more movement into my day. The benefit of this activity for my overall health and my mood cannot be overstated!

The price of $599 is steep, with other products in the walking pad category retailing for $200 to $350. Yes, the C2 Mini is much more affordable than a high-powered treadmill, but you’re paying for the compact size, ease of use, and convenient storage. Other options tend to be bulkier or include extra components that take up more space, such as guard rails or upright frames. Especially when the item is on sale, the lower price of around $400 seems like a good deal to me. When supplementing other exercise, or perhaps a gym membership that has access to full-powered treadmills, the C2 Mini is a worthy component in a healthy, active lifestyle.

WalkingPad treadmill performance

Dimensions and storability

As I live in a one-bedroom apartment in New York City, a compact size was critical. The C2 Mini unfolds to dimensions of roughly 57 inches long by 20 inches wide — smaller than an average yoga mat. At just five inches off the ground, the walking pad has a low profile and a small footprint for a treadmill. I found it easy to clear a large enough space for the WalkingPad, even in my smaller space.

When folded, the WalkingPad product loses nearly half its length and only gains a couple of inches in height, due to the raised control bar at the front of the machine. This is convenient for storage; I could slide the treadmill under my bed, which has limited space underneath. The front wheels make it easy to glide the C2 Mini into a storage space and the unit can be stored stably either flat or on its side. The lack of an upright frame is a real benefit in this situation as there are no extra pieces to assemble, disassemble, and put away.

Ease of use/user friendliness

The WalkingPad C2 Mini is intuitive to use, thanks to its simple design and clear instruction manual. Setting up the product takes minutes—simply unfold the treadmill and plug it in. The first time I unfolded the device (it arrives folded), I was a bit hesitant to apply much pressure to get it fully flat on the floor. However, the booklet assured me that I could use strength without damaging the product. Once I had successfully unfolded it that first time, every subsequent time was a breeze.

The included remote control is already synced to the device upon receiving the walking pad, so I was able to get going immediately. The remote is clearly labeled with plus and minus buttons for increasing speed, a central select button, and a sync button to change power modes. The front display was clear and ran through a rotation of useful metrics: How far I’d walked and for how long, my current speed, and the number of steps. It also showed me how many calories I burned that session, which I didn’t particularly want to see, but just ignored.

I also downloaded the accompanying app, to see if that enhanced the user experience. I like that the app included a Novice program to teach me how to use every setting of the C2 Mini, even though it was fairly easy to figure out on my own. WalkingPad locks the upper speeds until you’ve completed 0.6 miles on the device, which is a useful safety feature. You can override this in the app if you don’t want to wait. Overall, I felt confident using the C2 Mini within minutes of using it, which encouraged me to get walking more often.

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Speed and incline

Here’s where the C2 Mini is definitely limited. There is no incline feature on this device, so you will have to be content walking on an entirely flat surface every time you use it. This creates a gentler workout which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but does limit the options available to you if you’re looking to create a more thorough exercise plan.

The initial speed setting goes up to 2.5 mph, in increments of 0.5 miles. I was a bit disappointed at this cap, but found it a comfortable enough speed for easy walking. However, the instruction booklet let me know that this could increase to 3.7 mph once I’d completed 0.6 miles of walking, thereby demonstrating that I could safely operate the machine. I liked this touch and found it a useful method to ease into the machine, rather than immediately trying to use the fastest possible setting. After walking a while at 3.7 mph, my heart rate increased, so this speed range actually felt pretty comprehensive.

Cushioned deck

When I initially unboxed the machine, I was wearing house slippers. When I got everything set up, I was too curious to go and find my pair of sneakers and so I just kicked off the slippers and started using the machine with bare feet. While I wouldn’t recommend this for prolonged activity, both because it’s bad for your athletic gait and may lead to sweat stains on the belt, it did allow me to accurately gauge the feel of the deck. Underfoot, the deck feels sturdy yet with enough give to be comfortable. The belt glides easily over the surface and I found it surprisingly pleasant to use with bare feet.

Remember, walking for a long time will put strain on your feet, so you’ll want to wear supportive footwear that will provide cushioning and breathability. However, you can trust that this surface will set you up for success.


The C2 Mini comes with manual and automatic power modes. Manual requires you to increase or decrease the speed by clicking the remote control or using the associated app. No matter where you stand on the belt, the speed remains constant until you choose a different one or get off the walking pad entirely. This is the recommended mode to use when you’re first using the C2 Mini as it puts all the control in your hands.

The automatic mode is useful when your hands are full or otherwise occupied, or if you simply don’t want to be holding a remote. On the automatic program, you control the device’s speed by moving up and down the deck. If you stand in the front zone, it’ll increase your speed, while the back zone will slow the speed and eventually cause it to stop entirely. I found it hard to find the exact spot where I was decreasing speed but not halting the belt altogether, so I preferred to just stick with the manual mode. However, I can see how the automatic mode adds security for anyone who might get too ambitious and find themselves slipping to the back of the treadmill.

Note: You don’t need to download the app if you don’t want to, but it can be a useful way to log your workouts over time and it provides another way to control the device.


Every C2 Mini purchase comes with a synced remote control, which has a convenient wrist strap for improved wearability. This remote control is required for the device’s use, unless you download the accompanying smartphone app and use the controls there. This app is bare-bones and mostly functions as a log for your workouts, although it does include a useful Novice Program to help you get acclimated to the machine.

There are no other accessories automatically included with purchase, but WalkingPad has several items available at its official store you can bundle with your C2 Mini. These include a non-slip mat, an anti-fatigue mat, a wobble board, a standing desk and a massaging tool. These vary in price and are not required for use of the walking pad, but may enhance your experience. I opted for none of these, although I might get my own stand so I can prop up my book and read hands-free while walking.

How to use the WalkingPad C2 Mini

As with any treadmill or walking pad, the C2 Mini simply requires you to turn it on and get walking. You can switch between modes by clicking the sync button on your remote, which toggles between manual and automatic. The display will show an illuminated M or A to let you know which setting you’re using. You can then adjust the speed by pressing the plus or minus button on the remote control; the display will show you your new speed as you make changes. The display also routinely cycles through important information, including speed, steps, distance, time, and calories, so you will be reminded regularly of how you’re doing. You can also see this information in the app.

WalkingPad recommends you don’t immediately jump to walking at the highest speed. The instruction booklet includes a sample workout plan, with warm-up, exercise, and cool-down periods. However, it’s up to you to decide what speed you want and for how long. The machine responds quickly to adjustments, so you can tailor the experience.

WalkingPad C2 Mini treadmill quality


Of course, this walking pad doesn’t have a larger, upright frame component: It’s just the horizontal base. That said, the frame of the C2 Mini feels sturdy and durable, yet isn’t too heavy for a woman of poor upper body strength (me) to lift on her own. When unfolded and in place on an appropriate surface, the frame stayed in place and could withstand my occasionally bumping into it with no issue. The plastic has a shiny finish, rather than a matte look, which contrasted quite nicely with the matte belt on the deck.


I liked the overall size and heft of the deck, which felt surprisingly solid for a unit that folds in half. It requires a bit of strength to lock the deck into place but I quickly realized that the device was built to tolerate that pressure. At faster speeds, I felt comfortable picking up my pace with some light jogging, as well as incorporating light weights or dance moves into my activity. The deck felt completely stable underneath me, which speaks to its high quality.


The belt is nicely textured underfoot, although you’re not meant to use the walking pad without appropriate footwear. I found it moved seamlessly at every speed, without catching or snagging. There was a slightly odd stripe across one part of the belt which would repeatedly appear as the belt cycled through, but this didn’t impact performance; I quickly forgot it was there. Even when regularly folded up and unfolded, the belt remained undamaged and smooth in its movement.


The motor consistently powers the highest speed for long durations and has been holding up well to frequent use. It’s louder when running at higher speeds—I had to turn up the volume of my TV—but it wasn’t overly distracting. WalkingPad reports it maxes out at 65 dB so you don’t need to worry about disturbing your neighbors, even late at night. You can take a phone call while walking on the C2 Mini, or listen to music or a show. While I haven’t used the WalkingPad long enough to determine the motor’s quality over years of use, it seems reliable based on my experience.

WalkingPad warranty

WalkingPad includes a one-year warranty for all customers. This applies to all issues with the unit, not just specific parts. Products that are returned after the 30-day return period but within the warranty period are still eligible to be fully repaired for free, but the customer will need to pay to ship the product to WalkingPad’s maintenance center. Additional protection packages are available on the WalkingPad’s official e-commerce store, powered by SureBright.

WalkingPad returns

WalkingPad offers a 30-day return and refund period, for products (not accessories) that are returned in the original packaging and in the condition they were received. Pending an inspection, the customer will then receive a full refund. However, they don’t offer refunds for shipping or delivery charges, unless the item arrived damaged or faulty. Returns received after the 30-day window, that involve accessories, or arrive damaged/not in the original condition will only receive a partial refund, if applicable.

WalkingPad customer service

You can reach WalkingPad’s customer service team via email or phone. Emails should be responded to within 24 to 48 business hours, while phone lines are open Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Alternatives to WalkingPad C2 Mini

BrandPriceMain featuresBottom line


Folds in half into a compact shape. Two power modes. Easy set-up and storage. Speeds up to 3.7 mph.

The most compact choice for anyone with limited storage space who wants to get regular walking into their day.


Optional side rails. Powers up to 7.5 mph. Upright frame can be attached for running.

Runners will appreciate the higher speeds and optional frame, although it can be tricky to assemble and disassemble.


Supports a 5% incline. Lowest maximum speed of 3.1 mph. Very compact and easy to store.

A good option for those who prioritize walking at incline over walking at faster speeds.


Optional frame with phone holder. Powers up to 7.6 mph. Wide running belt.

Supports brisk runs, features a wide track belt, and comes with an optional frame that supports a phone, but not much else.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who is a mini treadmill good for?

Anyone with limited space will appreciate the smaller size of a mini treadmill. A smaller product like the WalkingPad C2 Mini can be stored more easily, whether under the bed, sofa, or upright in a closet. It also takes up less space when in use, reducing the need to move other furniture out of the way before you begin your workout. This convenience can make it easier to decide to work out, because it requires less effort to get set up. The size may not be practical for all exercisers: If you’re average or below average height and weight, a mini product shouldn’t impact your experience, but larger bodies may find the unit impractically small.

Can I run on the WalkingPad C2 Mini?

The C2 Mini is designed for walking at speeds up to 3.7 mph, not for running. While you may be able to manage a light jog at those speeds, this could eventually cause damage to the machine due to the extra weight and pressure applied to the deck during a run. If you’re looking for a treadmill that supports running speeds, WalkingPad also sells a couple of higher-performance models. Other brands on the market offer speeds of seven miles per hour and above, such as Goplus or Urevo.

Is walking on a walking pad good exercise?

Health experts recommend that people try to maintain an active lifestyle, to improve the health of their heart, and to maintain a healthy weight. Walking is a great way to get your body moving and has been shown to be beneficial to overall wellbeing. Many experts say we should aim for 10,000 steps per day. While walking is a more gentle form of exercise, it’s good for the body. Walking on a walking pad gives many of the same health benefits as walking outside, but can be a more accessible and convenient way to get your steps in if you mostly work inside the home or at a desk job. As part of a healthy routine, walking on a walking pad is a good way to introduce more exercise into your life.

WalkingPad Review: The C2 Mini Foldable Treadmill (8)

WalkingPad Review: The C2 Mini Foldable Treadmill (9)

WalkingPad C2 Mini Foldable Walking Treadmill

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WalkingPad Review: The C2 Mini Foldable Treadmill (2024)
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