Save $1,400 on This Curved Treadmill Ahead of Amazon Prime Day (2024)

You can grab a folding treadmill, curved treadmill, or an under-desk treadmill for as low as $350 in the lead up to Prime Day.

By Micki Wagner

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Save $1,400 on This Curved Treadmill Ahead of Amazon Prime Day (1)

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At this point, we are about a week from Prime Day, which means it’s a good time to start considering what you want to pick up when Amazon’s massive two-day sale event hits July 16 and 17. Whether you’re interested in saving on earbuds, running shoes, or TVs—among other things—Prime Day is sure to be packed with amazing deals for all sorts of items you might be after. And if you’re looking for a discount on a new treadmill, you’re in luck.

We’ve gone ahead and rounded up a bunch of treadmill deals you can shop on Amazon before Prime Day even begins. From editor-recommended models to ones that can fold up to help you maximize your space to a curved treadmill that provides a nice challenge, we’ve found five treadmill deals for you to add to cart right now—starting as low as $350.

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At a massive 43 percent off, this treadmill is currently available on Amazon for just under $400 instead of $680.

This model doesn’t have all the bells and whistles some other models do, but for a simple, affordable tread, this is a solid option. It can also fold up when not in use, making it great for optimizing small spaces or tucking away in the guest room that sometimes doubles as your home gym. With this treadmill, you’ll be able to reach up to 10 mph and choose from three incline options, as well as 12 preset workouts.


Best Value Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Treadmill

Save $1,400 on This Curved Treadmill Ahead of Amazon Prime Day (4)

Named to our list of best treadmills by our editors, this model was dubbed the best value option. And right now, you can save some money on this top-rated model.

This treadmill offers nine presets and three incline settings, and can go as fast as 9 mph. “It’s smooth and reliable at walking speeds, and it’s handy for the occasional jog when you otherwise can’t get outside,” Assistant Editor of Commerce Adam Schram and Runner-in-Chief Jeff Dengate wrote in our list. “It won’t withstand regular use like the pricier models on this list will, but it’s cheaper than some gym memberships—and it’ll last you longer than a year if you’re nice to it.”


Features 36 Presets

RUNOW 3305EB Folding Treadmill

Now 43% Off

Reaching just over 8 mph, this treadmill is currently on sale for 43 percent off in the lead-up to Prime Day. This means you don’t have to spend the typical $700 on this machine. Instead, you can add it to cart for just $400.

If you are a particular fan of preset options, this might just be the treadmill for you. It has 36, along with three incline settings you can work with. Plus, it has a sleek LED screen for you to track everything on, as well as buttons at your fingertips (AKA along the handles) to make it super easy to control your speed or power the machine up or down. Better yet, you can fold up this treadmill in between workouts.

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Best Splurge

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-X7100 Curve Treadmill

Save $1,400 on This Curved Treadmill Ahead of Amazon Prime Day (7)

Save $1,400 on This Curved Treadmill Ahead of Amazon Prime Day (8)

Now 20% Off

We’ve previously recommended a couple different curved treadmills. While models like the TrueForm Track—which we recommend in our guide to the best advanced treadmills for runners—can go for upwards of $7,000, this option from Sunny Health & Fitness is a little more economical, especially while it’s nearly 30 percent off on Amazon.

Released at the end of last year, the SF-X7100 has a small display showing everything from calories burned to time, distance, and speed.

If you’ve never used a curved treadmill before, now might be the time to grab one while it’s on sale. “Adding or switching to a curved non-motorized treadmill in particular can make your indoor training productive on a whole different level,” Writer Lara McGlashan wrote for Runner’s World earlier this year.


Best Under-Desk Tread With a Phone Mount

UREVO Strol Lite 2-in-1 Folding Under-Desk Treadmill

Save $1,400 on This Curved Treadmill Ahead of Amazon Prime Day (9)

Save $1,400 on This Curved Treadmill Ahead of Amazon Prime Day (10)

Now 10% Off

Currently on sale for 10 percent off before Prime Day even begins, this machine made our list of the best under-desk treadmills.

With this tread, you can situate it underneath your desk when you work from home or pull the handle up into place when you’re not working. “When this treadmill’s bar is up, you can get the speed up to a peppy 7.6 mph (roughly a 7:53 mile), which is certainly fast enough to classify as a brisk run,” Assistant Editor of Commerce Adam Schram wrote in our list. “When not in use, the folding bar collapses behind the back of the treadmill and barely adds any bulk to its silhouette on the floor.”

Save $1,400 on This Curved Treadmill Ahead of Amazon Prime Day (11)

Micki Wagner

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Save $1,400 on This Curved Treadmill Ahead of Amazon Prime Day (2024)
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