Amazon Warehouse Has Under-Desk Treadmills For Less Than $150 Right Now (2024)

The secret section has some of the best deals on pre-owned items.

By Ellen McAlpine

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Amazon Warehouse Has Under-Desk Treadmills For Less Than $150 Right Now (1)

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You've shopped the Amazon Coupon and Amazon Outlet sit section, but there's another sneaky way to find consistent savings from the mega-retailer. Let us introduce you to Amazon Warehouse, one of the savviest corners to shop on the internet.

The resale section takes pre-owned and returned items and puts them back on the market for a fraction of the cost. A *prime* example? Right now, you can score an under-desk treadmill for up to 44 percent off.

Right now, there are three picks on sale falling under $150, making this investment piece a more budget-friendly buy. For summer days when it's too hot to get your steps in outdoors or when you're in full WFH mode and want to keep active at your desk, a walking pad is a solid option.

We're sharing everything you need to know about shopping in the Amazon Warehouse and the best deals below. But first, a heads-up: Amazon will default to showing the new price on product pages. You can find the used price and resale grade under the "Add to Cart" button.

The Best Amazon Warehouse Under-Desk Treadmill Deals

How does Amazon Warehouse work?

If you've ever wondered what happens to products once they're returned to Amazon, the Warehouse is the answer. After Amazon receives returns, items go through a 20-point quality grading process. Then, they're listed for resale with labels based on the item's quality. Here's a breakdown of the label system:

    • Renewed: This is Amazon's version of refurbished. It should have minimal to no signs of wear and comes with the Amazon Renewed Guarantee, which gives you 90 days to request a replacement or refund. All renewed products have been inspected and tested by Amazon to work and look as good as new.
    • Used – Like New: The item is in perfect working condition. The packaging may have minor damage.
    • Used – Very Good: The item has seen limited use and remains in great working condition. The packaging may be damaged or it may come repackaged.
    • Used – Good: The item shows wear, but remains in good working condition. The packaging may be damaged or it may come repackaged.
    • Used – Acceptable: The item is fairly worn, but continues to function properly. The packaging may be damaged or it may come repackaged.

Pre-owned items are backed by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee. You'll also want to look for products listed as sold by and fulfilled by Amazon Resale and Amazon, which means they're coming directly from Amazon Warehouse. There may be other third-party resellers listed, but we can't guarantee their grading systems.

Where do I find Amazon Warehouse?

If you're shopping on a desktop, you can find Amazon Warehouse in the dropdown of Amazon's search bar. Then, you can either type in the product you're looking for to see if it's available or click the magnifying glass to go to the Amazon Warehouse homepage.

If you're on the Amazon app, you'll want to search "Amazon Warehouse" in the search bar and you'll be directed to the homepage.

Shop Amazon Warehouse Deals

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Amazon Warehouse Has Under-Desk Treadmills For Less Than $150 Right Now (14)

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Amazon Warehouse Has Under-Desk Treadmills For Less Than $150 Right Now (2024)
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